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0 5 V Solar Panel 5219mm Polycrystalline Silicon Povoltaic Panels Su

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39*19 39*26 39*31.2 39*39 52*19 52*22 52*26 52*38 78*19
Average Voltage 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V 0.5V
Average Current 0.24A 0.34A 0.4A 0.5A 0.3A 0.38A 0.45A 0.66A 0.4A
Average Power 0.12W 0.17W 0.2W 0.25W 0.16W 0.19W 0.23W 0.33W 0.2W
Effecieency 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17% 17%
Size (mm) 39*19 39*26 39*31.2 39*39 52*19 52*22 52*26 52*38 78*19
Quantity () 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 40 50
Weight (g) 40 52 62 78 50 58 70 40 37


100 0.5 V Solar Panel 52 19mm Polycrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Panels Sunpower Cells for DIY Cell Phone Charger
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We laser cutted the solar cell for your to DIY you own solar house.
All the solar cell will be sorted and tested before delivery
100% power output as we declared in the following
We test solar cell by sun simulator the most precise testing facility for your power output ensurance!
2'*0.75'(52mm*19mm) poly crystalline solar cell multi-crystalline solar cell for educational kit which can buit 1 5W 18V solar panel by 36 2'*0.75'(52mm*19mm)solar cell only
3 bars for tabling easy to cut the size you wanted many size you can make with these solar panel
These are B Grade with small minor cosmetic defect. The power of this cell can reach at lease 0.14W each.

specification: Average Power (Watts): 0.14 Wp
Average Current (Amps): 0.28 Imax
Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax
Effeciency: 17.6%

Connection way:
The blue side connect '-' white side connect '+'.
In to enough power Suggest use solder strip or copper strips to connect.
If your have any problems about our product.
Please contact us We will solve any problem you may encounter as soon as possable.
Do not leave negative feedback or open dispute It is very deep hurt for my heart thank you!


There may be some solar panels have a small spots on the side please don\'t worry it\'s normal phenomenon and will not affect the function of the solar panels.
The color is blue becouse of Production process reasons Unavoidable color depth is different some panels is deep some panels is pale.
But it has the same function.(you can see it in the following image)

Package include:

100 52x19mm solar cell for DIY solar panel