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1 2 3 4 Way Microputer Remote Control Switch AC220V For Ceiling Ener

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1) The working voltage: AC200V-240V 50Hz / 60Hz
2) The transmitter battery: 12V 23A battery(Not included)
3) Remote control distance: 15 meters(Approx.)
4) Controllable lighting: Ceiling incandescent / energy saving ls / fluorescent ls / crystal l / chandeliers / LED lights
5) Load power:
1 way version: Incandescent: 800W Energy-saving ls: 150W LED: 65W
2 way version: Incandescent bulbs lt; 800W (resistive load) Energy-saving ls lt; 150W (inductive load) ; lt; 5 LED 50W LED quantity le; 5
3 way version: Incandescent bulbs le;600w Energy saving l le;150W le;6 H tube le;280W le; 5 LED le;50W
4 way version:
(1) resistive load: maximum output power of a single group within 1000W (such as ordinary incandescent bulb type);
(2) inductive load: maximum output power of a single group within 250W (eg with ballast class: the energy-saving ls bracket ls ceiling ls and some other small appliances)
(3) LED 60W
6) Suitable temperature: -30 C ~ + 60 C the body temperature of 40 ~ 50 C
7) The load current: The nominal 7A relay control
8) It use of single-chip wireless digital encoding each switch has its own set of code it would not be disturbed!!!
9) Remote control Material: ABS flame retardant material
Packaged Included
1 X Remote Emitter
1 X Remote Receiver