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0 8W5V Portable Solar Power LED Bulb L Panel Applicable Outdoor Ligh

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0.8W/5V Portable Solar Power LED Bulb L Solar panel Applicable Outdoor Lighting C Tent Fishing L Garden Light

100% Brand New and High Quality
With a lanyard easy to carry
Power shortage can use power charger
High performance strong practicability durable
The solar panel is fixed to the roof or sunny place the line into the house and put the plug in the socket interface for charging (also can charge the battery by 5-8V charger)
L using high-performance lithium battery the service life is 6-8 times of lead-acid battery
Applicable to family office cing outdoor activities mainly in lighting and mobile phone and other digital charge
Voltage: 0.8W/5V
Lithium Battery Capacity: 750ma/3.7v
Lumens: 150 lumens (equivalent to a 20W bulb)
L dimension:108 x 63 mm(H x D)
Color: White
Weight:105 g
Package weight:140 g
Package Included:
1 x solar l
1 x 0.8W/5V Solar panel (with 3.5 meters a connecting line )
HO1070KUB5I5-2 HO1070KUB5I5-5 HO1070KUB5I5-6