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0 512345M RGB Led Strip Light 5050 SMD Not Waterproof Stripe Tape L

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Installation Notice:

  • 1.The strip is soldered by each 0.5 meters small strips.
  • 2.5050 RGB strip has 4 wires. Each 3 LED can be cut.
  • 3.Red green blue yellow white and warm white strip has two wires. Each 3 diodes can be cut.
  • 4.When connecting RGB strip a RGB controller is needed.(If LED Light can not be lighted up please make sure the arrow on the strip and controller at the same side)
  • 5.When connecting single color strip a DC power connector is needed. You may choose to buy a single color controller or not.If LED Light can not be lighted up please change positive(+) to negative(-) (Swap the right and left wires)

Product Features:

  • Superb right 5050 SMD LED intensity and reliability.
  • Long life span 50 000 hours
  • Continuous length
  • Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
  • Completely smooth and even spread solving the uneven luminous problem
  • Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
  • Low power consumption


  • mit Color: warm white/white/blue/red/green/rgb
  • Protection Rate NOT Waterproof
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • LED Quantity: 60leds / m
  • View angle: 120 deg; ~ 140 deg;
  • Working Temperature: -20 deg; to 50 deg;


  • Ideal for decoration of building outlines landscape illumination amusement themes
  • Holiday sculpture decorative figure active signs displays shop windows
  • And storefronts bar nightclub street sidewalk deck park porch staircase railing ceiling or driveway.


  • led flexible strip light

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