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0 5mm Needle Head Magic Erasable Gel Pen Refill Student Writing Stat

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0.5mm needle head magic erasable gel pen refill student writing stationery office school supplies 4 / lot





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Name:0.5mm Needle Head Magic Erasable Gel Pen Refill Student Writing Stationery Office School Supplies 4 / Lot

There are special material inside the lead refill and your writing words will disappear under a temprature of about 60 centigrade. So these pens is not suit for sign a contract or other important document. but very suit for children or student who very easy writing wrong.
Length: 129mm
Ink color: Blue Black and Red
Pen Point: 0.5mm
Matrial: plastic.

Quantity: 4

You Know

Dear buyer Erasable Pen is a special refill which is different the ordinary refill.
If the refills of Erasable Pen experiences temperatures (this may be during transport).
the color of pen refills will change (will become milky white) and even lead to refills can not be written.
If you encounter such a situation you can freeze the pen refills in the freezer compartment.
After 12 hours the color of pen refills will return to normal.Remove the refills the refrigerator;
you need to wait 1-2 hours the refills can be used normally.