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1 24 Range Rdiecast Metal Car Model Toy Sixdoor Soundpull Back Inert

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1:24 range rover diecast metal car model toy sixdoor sound pull back inertia high-end simulation toy gifts collection
1/24 Range Rover Diecast Metal Car Model Alloy Six-door Sound Pull back inertia High-end Simulation Toys Gifts CollectionsUSD 37.68/piece
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1/24 Range Rover Diecast Alloy Car Model Six-door Sound Pull back inertia High-end High Simulation Toys Gifts Collections

The important thing to say three times!!!

Six doors can be opened ! Sixdoors can be opened !

Six doors can be opened !

The hood

The trunk

Four doors left and right


Color: White Gold

(Want to buy red or black car models please give us a message thank you!)

Material: Alloy

Car model scale: 1:24

Function: With Lighting Sound Pull back inertia
Car size:18 * 8 * 7cm ( Manual measurement there is a little error oh ~)
Whether static model : Yes
Whether electric : Yes
Packing: Window Box)
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