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0150 Mm Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Tube Thickness 150 Measuring

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0-150 mm digital caliper stainless steel tube thickness digital caliper 150 mm measuring instruments
Free 360degree 200mm 8\'\' electronic goniometer digital level angle digital angle finder Stainless Steel Angle RulerUSD 21.00/piece
0-150mm SHAHE Readout Digital Liner Scale with Remote Display External Display High Accuracy Measuring ToolUSD 25.98/piece
360 mini digital protractor inclinometro angle measurement level angle meter ruler digital bevel box inclinometerUSD 24.50/piece
0-25mm Electronic Digital Outside Micrometer vernier caliper micrometer digital caliper vernier gauge micrometer 0-25 mmUSD 24.75/piece
SHAHE 0.001mm Metric Precision Dial Indicator Dial Gauge 0-1 mm indicator 0.001 magnetic stand gaugeUSD 33.97/piece
360degree 0.05degree Digital Inclinometer electronic protractor digital magnetic level bevel protractor inclinometerUSD 34.00/piece
0-12.7 mm digital gauge digital indicator electronic indicator 12.7 mm 0.01mm digital indicatorUSD 19.67/piece
Free Shipping 0-150 Electronic Caliper Digital Vernier Caliper digital caliper micrometro electronic digital calipers paquimetroUSD 28.50/piece





Note: The parcel will be sent without battery The battery type is 3V CR2032 environmental Lithium battery



1:Hardened stainless steel frame and measuring jaws

2: Relative/absolute measurement interchange at any position

3:Glass fixed grib stable and high accuracy

4:Quick display of the measured value on LCD screen

5:With on-off power switch ; Auto Power-off for option

6:Waterproof IP54

7:Three function key

8: With depth bridge

9:Zero-setting at any position

10:mm/inch measurement system conversio

11:Measurement for tube thickness
















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