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1 32veyron Alloy Diecast Toy Car Pull Back Electronic Withsound Kids

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1:32 veyron alloy diecast toy car pull back electronic car with and sound kids gift


063173706493_1116061467Material: Alloy and Plastic

Size: L14.5cm*H4.0cm *W6.5cm
Color:three colours are available
Package includes:
1x Bugatti Veyron Alloy Toy Car
Function:With Music and Light two doors could be opened Unplug the underbody insulation sheet open the two doors or put down the car on the ground and then press the tail of the car headlights is white taillights is red and interior is lights blue Back Power
Note:Toys belong to consumption goods we guarantee the car is intact when to you once the children get it you and I both lose the control because every child 'Destruction' is different please kindly understand thank you .
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