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1 27m White 120M 48T Screen Printing Mesh Fabric Elastic Stretch Clo

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Fabric is used as supporter of an ink-blocking stencil. Polyester has replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers all over the world because of its tensile strength elastic memory and resistance to chemicals abrasion heat and moisture. Polyester is woven yarn that is extruded heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter.

-Non-toxic odorless tasteless strength large elongation excellent flexibility.
-With toughness good elasticity resistance to weak acid oil alkali wear resistance temperature and other characteristics
-It has good insulation low coefficient of lubricating properties Its wide range of applications.
-Less tension loss during the stretching process
-Improved registration due to stable fabric tension

Color: White
Material: Solyester
Mesh: 120 mesh 48T
Size: 1 x 1.27m

Packing Included
1 x 120 Mesh Filter Cloth