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0 05KW OFFGrid Wind Turbine Generator System CE Approved

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1piece 50w Wind generator

Wind generator Max power 80w

AC12V/AC24V/DC12v/DC24v output

Small/mini/miniature 50w 100w wind turbine/generator/windmill

1.Production specification :

1.Portable using ultra-light composite materials and engineering plastics the weight of 2500g
2.installation or disassembly in 3 minutes and a small space occupied
3.The machine head can be arbitrary rotated with anti-winding
4.Large capacity to be Wind-Solar Hybrid power supply system with solar cell
5.Providing 0.6-1.5 degrees power in 24 hours meet the need of portable computers Instrument mobile phones and lighting

50w : 3m/s start up wind speed .low price

diesel generator Suppliers

Notice: When you order please inform me the voltage of the wind generator AC12V /AC 24V /DC12V /DC24V .

If not specify we will send you AC12V wind generator .

diesel generator Suppliers

diesel generator Suppliers

T/T and are accepted


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