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025mm Mini Pocket Digital Jewel Gem Gemstone Thickness Gauge Caliper

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0-25mm mini pocket digital jewel gem gemstone thickness gauge caliper with 0.01mm reading diamond measure tool



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Free 0-25mm Mini Pocket Digital Jewel Gem Gemstone Thickness Gauge Caliper with 0.01mm Reading Diamond Measure Tool


Model No.:BK-1112
Description:Measures 0-20mm/0-1'

Resolution : 0.01mm/0.005'

Power: one silver oxide battery SR44 1.55V

Working Speed : ?1.5m/s

Working Condition :

Temperature : 0-4

Relatively Humidity ?80%

Storage temperature : +10----+60

Operation :


1) clean and dry the protective scale stickers and all the measuring faces

2) Loosen the locking screw and move the bar and check to see if all the buttons swithes and LCD display respond well

Basic Measuring Methods :

1) Press ON/OFF BUTTON to turn on the power

2) Press mm/inch button to select the unit system

3) Apply normal measuring pressure on the slider to close the external measuring jaws and set zero then it\'s ready for measuring .

Battery Replacement

Flashing of digits shows a flat battery. Take off the battery cover in the direction shown by the arrow and replace the battery (positive side facing out)

Package : 1 pocket thickness digital caliper



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